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Florida Nonprofit Coalition


Please fill out this questionaire so that we can put together an agenda for the Nonprofit Preservation Board Meetings.

Name of Nonprofit
Please tell us what you would like to see the Nonprofit Preservation Board Accomplish
What Issues do you think we should address?
What talents, expertise, knowledge do you possess that you can share to help others?
Please suggest some fundraisers that could help all the members:
What are needs, wants or areas that you would like assistance with?
Would you be willing to Lead a Committee if so please check here.
We need creative people, graphics, media, promotions, writing reports, etc. Can you do any of these and if so what?
can you bring a refreshment to the meeting if so what? (Coffee, donuts, etc)
Are you interested in being part of the Christmas Bazaar Fundraiser?

We are looking for HOSTS for the upcoming Convention for the Florida Nonprofit Coalition.  If you would like to be part of this please email:  nonprofitcoalition@myway.com