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Florida Nonprofit Coalition

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Purpose and Participation:
FLNPC becoming an independent nonprofit membership organization with the aim of bringing together all types of 501(c)(3) nonprofits to address common challenges. All 501(c)(3) nonprofits, supporters and allies are welcome to participate.
Participants represent Florida's communities, small and large nonprofits, arts, education and research groups, environmental and animal welfare organizations, direct human service, health and mental health organizations as well as other associations, coalitions and networks.

Our Values
April 2004
By this we mean:
o We cultivate a sense of belonging, and value the members of our organization.
o We encourage a caring and supportive environment that allows nonprofit organizations to come together with shared assets, needs, interests, desires and goals.
o We create an effective, regional support and advocacy network of nonprofits.
o We are committed to a collaborative approach to doing business, identifying and using our collective strengths.
o We are committed to forming lasting partnerships with each other and our community allies.
By this we mean:
o We value feedback from our constituencies and respond accordingly.
o We take a leadership role in recognizing gaps in services and facilitating community responsiveness.
o We encourage and support teamwork in all our efforts through open and honest communication among ourselves and our community.
o We maintain a long-range visionary perspective.
o We are committed to integrity, accountability and transparency in our work.
o We are committed to diversity; both organizationally and multi-culturally.
By this we mean:
o We believe that each nonprofit organization should have access to resources and services.
o We believe in providing programs that are relevant to the needs of our diverse members.
o We build bridges throughout the community to increase awareness.
o We are committed to generosity and the sharing of resources.
By this we mean:
o We will be the recognized resource for nonprofit organizations and professionals.
o We are committed to the development and availability of innovative, high quality programs and services for our community.
o We foster an environment that is open to ideas and promotes initiative, flexibility, and creativity in all we do.
o We recognize and respect the assets and resources of each member organization.

This is a grassroots, community development effort, not top down. Nonprofit participants set the direction and fulfill the goals of the organization

Similar Initiatives
There are many examples of initiatives that are similar to this, with their own histories and experiences, so this is not entirely new. This initiative is unique in that it is a broad effort that seeks to address the needs of the entire nonprofit sector, rather than any one sub-sector.
Help Needed
Obviously we need your help with contacting nonprofits in your area that we do not have information on please pass this information on. 

Mission Statement

To ensure people get the right idea, we'll include a brief statement here that describes our organization. We'll tell people what we want to accomplish and exactly how we plan to do it.

Our Mission
The "working" mission of the FNPC is to strengthen the capacity and collective power of the nonprofit sector in order to enhance the quality of life in our communities.


Questions To Consider

Is the legal classification "nonprofit" enough for us to collaborate with one another? What do nonprofit organizations have in common?
Yes. In addition to legal status nonprofits have many other things in common and things that make them very distinct from for-profit and public entities.

1. We are all focused on fulfilling a mission (rather than on profit).
2. We all need office space.
3. We all need to buy computers, office supplies and equipment, insurance and other employee benefits.
4. In order to fulfill our missions, we all must participate in extensive fundraising and development projects.
5. We are all expected to accomplish a great deal with very limited resources.

We strongly believe that the nonprofit sector should organize on a good day, but if we need a crisis to do it, let's consider the impact of the economy and the current state budget crisis on your nonprofit.
Legislation has been/is being passed that will impact all nonprofits in the state and in our country. Although some legislation only impacts specific sub-sectors of the nonprofit sector other legislation does impact all nonprofits.
As we all know, the weak economy has not only had serious effects on the state's budget but also on individual and corporate giving. It is especially crucial that we work together when our economy is weak to help prevent and offset the negative effects and ensure that we are capitalizing on existing resources.
Now is as good a time as any. The budget problems are not going to go away tomorrow. If they do, we won't have to worry. If they don't at least we will have taken positive steps toward empowering our sector as a whole.
How will this benefit my organization?
We are all trying to take from the same small pie of available funding, but by sharing our individual power and uniting (over 29,000 nonprofits) we will actually make the pie bigger for everyone. You will get more and so will others. A good example of an industry coming together to make the pie bigger for everyone is the Got Milk commercials that we're all so familiar with. If you don't like milk check out the Sonoma County Wineries Association.
As it is we are in a perpetual mode of struggle, survival and competition.
Florida Nonprofit Coalition/
c/o Angels On Earth Inc.
3150 SW 52 Ave Suite 212
Pembroke Park Fl 33023